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Lauren Baker

Megalith Totem 3, 2024

Megalith Totem 3, 2024

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Ink, Himalayan Salt, Bleach, Acrylic, Fine art paper, White wood frame

Framed 43.5 x 33.5 cm


Baker’s new Megalith Totem paintings and wall hangings are inspired by ancient megalithic sites of Stonehenge and the piled stones of Inukshuks. The ancient stones feature multiple ‘third’ eyes which are inked in a cave painting style, embodying the spirit of our ancestors and the profound connection we share with nature. We originated from stardust and ultimately, our dust returns to the earth in cycle that feels quite miraculous. The resonance frequency of rocks like Granite and Sandstone is around 10-16 Hz, reminding us that the natural world is very much alive. Some say that Ancient stones are like the bones of the earth.
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